What is AFIDBA ?

It is a multidisciplinary program involving major players of the entrepreneurship ecosystem (incubators, technical partners, public authorities, etc.) with the aim of supporting digital and inclusive start-ups in Continental Africa towards scaling up.

AFIDBA – Afd For Inclusive and Digital Business in Africa is a three-years program that is financed by the Agence Française de Développement (French Agency for Development) to contribute to the emergency of digital and inclusive digital champions in Africa. 5inclusive = prjects that integrate the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) populations that live with less than 8$ a day). ...... Read More Our common ambition is to contribute to the scaling up of our digital and inclusive champions, meaning 60 start-ups from Senegal, Morocco, Burkina aso and Ghana and to finance some of them thou a 500K€ fund.

Contribute to the sustainable, inclusive, and digital and inclusive development of mainland Africa


Organizing and strenghtening the capacities of a network of African incubators on digital and inclusive business related topics


Developping a supporting offer to help african start-ups in their scaling up process


Developing and implementing a hybrid financing device (50% loan on truct, 50% subsidies) to contribute to the scaling up of our digital and inclusive business champions


Designing and implementation of a program that is meant to sensitize to entrepreneurship and digital use to the BoP populatons

The Acceleration Program

AFIDBA is the co-creation of a methodology and supporting tools through the combines expertise of all the incubators. These tools are then used by the AFIDBA Project Officers as well as the entrepreneurs. Therefore, all the AFIDBA entrepreneurs are following the same supporting program, no matter what their country is.

Selection Criteria

  • Inclusive projects (100%)
  • Projects with a digital dimension (70%)
  • Pro gender projects (30%)
  • Projects that show strong potential for scaling up (100%)
  • Target: select an average of 5 start-ups /year that show potential for scaling up and become African champions

    Apply Now !!


    A six-months acceleration program with:
  • A one on one supporting program: (strengthening the business plan, go to market, team, financing, impact, business model etc.)
  • A collective supporting program (collective training on BoP populations, digital tools etc.)
  • Final outputs: a business plan, pitch deck and executive summary that can potentially convince the AFIDBA fund committee members!


You can apply if you at least fit one of these criteria!
  • Integrate BoP populations in their value chain
  • Use or want to use digital tools in order to develop their start-ups
  • Ar formalized or in the process of getting formalized
  • Have at least one person who works full time on this project
  • Have some kind of track record to show (MVP, sales, trunover, finalized product etc.)
  • Are managed by teams that at least have a country national/ or diaspora in its governance / mangement team
  • Want to scale up!

Your Benefits

  • A tailor made program that includes the specificities of your project (digital, inclusive business etc.)
  • A program that alternatives collective and one on 1 training
  • A FREE program (AFD subsidy)
  • The possibility to get a € 15,000funding (including half as a subsidy)
  • The possibility to benefit from a consulting scholarship (subsidy by AFD) to help woth the design r development of some digital tools
  • An increased visibility (local and international)
  • The possibility to create interactions with the program’s partners programme (Orange, Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, Investisseurs & Partenaires, Care France etc.)
  • The possibility to impact the global ecosystem through the sharing of what you think the ecosystem needs to support you (book to be published in 2022)
  • Be part of a unique (and pretty awesome) international community !